Strong presence at IEEE VR

Wallgrün, J. O., Masrur, A., Zhao, J., Taylor, A., Knapp, E., Jack Shen-Kuen Chang, & Klippel, A. (2019, in print). Low-Cost VR Applications to Experience Real Word Places Anytime, Anywhere, and with Anyone. In WEVR: The Fifth IEEE VR Workshop on Everyday Virtual Reality.

Klippel, A., Zhao, J., Oprean, D., Wallgrün, J. O., & Jack Shen-Kuen Chang (2019). Research framework for immersive virtual field trips. In KELVAR: The Fourth IEEE VR Workshop on K-12+ Embodied Learning through Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Zhao, J., & Klippel, A. (2019) Scale – unexplored opportunities for immersive technologies in place-based learning. IEEE VR 2019 Conference Paper

Huang, J., Lucash, M., Simpson, M., Hegelson, C., & Klippel, A. (2019). Visualizing Natural Environments from Data in Virtual Reality: Combining Realism and Uncertainty. In EVR: The First IEEE VR Workshop on Ethics in VR.

Huang, J., Lucash, M. S., Scheller, R. M., & Klippel, A. (2019). Visualizing ecological data in virtual reality. In IEEE VR Demo Papers.

Klippel, A., Wallgrün, J. O., Masrur, A., & Zhao, J. (2019). Warping space and time – xR reviving educational tool of the 19th century. In IEEE VR Poster.


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