Overview of current funded and self-funded research projects

Apologies: the website is slightly out of date. We received funding through the US Forest Service, a new Monash (Australia) – Penn State collaboration, and two major strategic plan projects. All projects are related to immersive technologies/experiences, stay tuned.

We have a portfolio that, too, is slightly out of date: portfolio.

Transforming education through immersive technologies

Geoscience virtual field trips

COIL RIG: Immersive Virtual Reality (iVR): The Printing Press of the 21st Century and How Learning About Place and Space will Never be the Same

NSF IIS: Wayfinding, Navigation VR

NSF CNH-L: Visualizing Forest Futures Under Climate Uncertainty: Integrating IndigenousKnowledge into Decision Support Tools for Collaborative Decision Making (more coming soon)

Campus Modeling Project

IGERT / ICS / SCRiM: Immersive Visual Analytics for Climate Change

Dutton e-Education Institute: 3D Modeling and VR

iVR for Archeology

iVR for Geosciences

Ishi Wilderness

The Penn State Obelisk

Virtual Ecology, funded through Penn State’s Ecology Institute

iVFT – immersive Virtual Field Trips

iVR for the second language learning

Visual Summaries

Citizen Science of Land-cover Classification

Mountains and shape concept

Landscapes – Cateog0ries and cross-cultural differences

Qualitative spatio-temporal reasoning – the cognitive basis

IGERT – Uncertainty visualization

YAH Maps

Design of visual interfaces & geovisualization

Cognitively ergonomic route directions

Cultural and linguistic influences on cognition


Previous projects

LMI: Virtual Reality for Distributed Workforces


NSF: Sapient Interfaces

NSF: Geographic Event Conceptualization


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