Paper accepted by CR:PI

Our paper

Exploring the Effects of Geographic Scale on Spatial Learning

with Jiayan Zhao, Mark Simpson, Jan Oliver Wallgrün, Pejman Sajjadi, and Alexander Klippel as authors has been accepted for publication in Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications (CR:PI).

The research focuses on related but unstudied issues concerning the impact of visual accessibility of an environment (i.e., geographic scale) on spatial learning. Results indicate that an increased geographic scale, which was accessible through an elevated perspective in this study, can help bridge the performance gap in spatial learning between high- and low-spatial ability participants.

Zhao, J., Simpson, M., Wallgrün, J. O., Sajjadi, P., & Klippel, A. (accepted): Exploring the Effects of Geographic Scale on Spatial Learning. In Cognitive Research: Principles &

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